182 Packs Giveaway, Part VI

When I claimed the Cardinals - and Mark McGwire and Todd Stottlemyre - in the pack-per-day giveaway held at TribeCards, I had no idea just how many cards I'd wind up with, and how many different players. So that I can tag all of the sets and Cardinal players, I've broken this up into a series of who knows how many posts. Thanks for all the cards, David.
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2005 Topps Total
#492 So Taguchi
I'm surprised this is the first So Taguchi card I'm posting to my blog. I'm still making up for my lost decade of collecting.

1998 Stadium Club
#48 Delino DeShields
When trying to sort through the huge number of cards, I mis-sorted this 1998 Stadium Club away from the others in Part I.

2007 Upper Deck
#948 Kelvin Jimenez
I still can't believe there are over 1000 cards in 2007 Upper Deck.

1986 Topps Traded
#46T Mike Heath
Traded cards are much harder to come by than regular flagship cards, so I'm always glad to get one of these, especially a Cardinal.

2006 Upper Deck First Pitch
#184 Reggie Sanders
I rooted against Reggie Sanders for so many years with the Reds, and in 2001 with the Diamondbacks, I had to flip 180 degrees when he signed with the Cardinals.

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