Make Your Superbowl Picks

No, not here, over at Collector's Crack. You can enter the Almost The Easiest Superbowl Contest on the Web III. I've already put in my pick of the Patriots over the Seahawks based on my questionable projections, but you can pick a different point total or number of turnovers to edge me out in the tiebreaker.

Last year, no one picked the Giants, so when it came to tiebreakers, I was just 5 TDs away from the win. That's sort of close. Everyone around me during the game was wondering why I was screaming for both teams to throw the long ball and just score already.

See? This contest can make the game fun, even when it has 2 teams I don't really care about. And, being a Rams fan, I may have to deal with that for awhile longer. So go enter, good luck, and enjoy the playoffs.

(And of course, promote it on your blog like I have, for a bonus chance at the door prize.)

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