Nachos Grande Contest, Round 0 entry

And now, an awful fictional story based on this card. Nachos says jump and I say "How high, sir?!" Also, let me commend him on starting the round count from 0, it warms this programmer's heart.

2012 Allen and Ginter - Crack the Code - Price Laughton
Detective Donald Russ pored over his case files, and zeroed in on one Price Laughton. Even her name sounded fancy. She was the window of Thomas, the town's big businessman before his peculiar death. She professed to love him, but seemed to care much more about his success. She also showed favor for the murder victim in his current case, Lennie Guttman. Don had a fleeting thought about how it was slightly coincidental that these two men, loved by the same woman, were now dead.

Russ called in Lt. Leaf, who had more information from completing interviews of the parties involved in the murder, including Ms. Laughton.

"What's Price done with her life?" Russ asked. "Has she always been in town here?"

"Oh no, lots of travel around the country and the world before she met Thomas."

"Were these just vacations?"

"Well, sort of...some were more like really long dates."


"Yeah, she always seemed to be in the company of guys who could afford to take her anywhere."

"Anyone we'd have a file on?" Russ was hoping for some sort of lead here.

"Well, no criminals that we know of, at least not our type. Plenty of white collar crime I'm sure. Heh heh heh. Let's see, she was with J.R. Ewing until right before he got shot. And J. Howard Marshall before he left her for Anna Nicole Smith, and died shortly thereafter."

"She seems a little unlucky, wouldn't you say? Between those two guys, Thomas, and now Lennie?"

"Come to think of it, she does. She was also associated with a state lottery winner for awhile, but he suddenly got very paranoid and went into hiding. He kept rambling about not having enough money to pay the price of...wait...was he talking about a price, or Price?" Leaf wasn't the brightest guy, and felt pretty good about making this connection.

"I have no idea, but we need to find this guy; everyone else from her past is dead. Did you get his name?"

"No, he claimed the prize anonymously using a shell corporation, Diamond King Enterprises. What an odd name. Maybe we can search for some of their registration paperwork with the state."

"Good call, you check that out, and I'll check the rest of these files. Let me know what you find."

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