Baseball Cards from Bo, Part II

[Part I]

Bo from Baseball Cards Come to Life contacted me about a trade, and he even did all the work picking cards from both my wantlist and tradelist to set up the swap. Here's another part of my haul.

1984 Fleer
#323 David Green
#332 Jamie Quirk
#336 Ozzie Smith
Here are 3 of the 17 Cardinals I didn't have from 1984 Fleer. I don't really know Jamie Quirk, and I was only somewhat familiar with the name David Green, but I definitely know the gentleman on the right.

1990 Fleer #260 Ozzie Smith
Another Ozzie! The cool thing about Hall Of Famers from the overproduction era is that there are lots of cards available.

1993 Hostess #21 Benito Santiago
I sent off several of my 1993 Hostess duplicates, and got this one in return, leaving me 7 left to go in the set.

1990 Donruss
In part I, I mentioned Bo and I worked out this trade while madding was sending me a prize. So here's yet another part of this trade that got duplicated by madding. Maybe I can put together 2 full 1990 Donruss sets, though I have no idea why I'd do such a thing. I bet I would be the only guy ever to do so if I did.

Since the 1990 Donruss isn't as exciting as it originally was, the best part of this trade is left for the 3rd and final post of this trade.

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