March Radness Win, Part I

I "won" a prize, in that I managed to have the worst bracket of all in Cards on Cards March Radness contest. I legitimately tried to win, in fact I didn't even realize there was this consolation prize until the contest was over, because I stopped scoreboard watching about 2 rounds into the tournament because I did so poorly to start off. The good thing about winning cards from a fellow Cardinals fan is that he can't resist dumping a whole bunch of his Cardinal duplicates on me, which I'm more than happy to take.

2010 Upper Deck
#460 Colby Rasmus
#465 Julio Lugo
#467 Adam Wainwright
#468 Brad Thompson
#473 Kyle Lohse
#474 Chris Carpenter
#475 Ryan Franklin
I just traded for Colby and Thompson in my last trade, which was in the mail the same time as this prize, but the rest put me 5 cards closer to completing the 2010 UD team set.

Coincidentally, part 2 of that trade also included some 2011 Opening Day, also seen here. There wasn't much overlap. Not that I'd complain about the overlap; I've found the best way to complete a set is usually to swap duplicates of that same set with someone else, so those would likely make a trade easier. Here's Yadi and some inserts.

2011 Topps Opening Day

#46 Yadier Molina
Presidential First Pitches #PFP-5 Richard Nixon
Stadium Lights #UL-5 Miguel Cabrera
Toppstown #TTOD-5 Jon Lester
Toppstown #TTOD-14 Brian Matusz
And all the base cards:
38 Mike Stanton
44 Omar Infante
46 Yadier Molina
68 Jeremy Jeffress
71 Jon Niese
101 Brian Wilson
138 Chris Young
144 Brett Gardner
150 Matt Cain
156 Ryan Zimmerman
164 Grady Sizemore
170 Logan Morrison
179 Prince Fielder
194 Delmon Young

There's a whole lot more to this trade package, but like I've said before, I just can't not tag a Cardinal or a set.

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  1. The best part was when there was a bunch of Cardinals on your blog.