eBay Wins #9

My bargain-hunting continued with some junk wax, but for 2 cents apiece, why not.  I bought a lot of 24 1989 Fleer California Angels.  I figured I'd be willing to pay $13.20 for the whole 660 card set, so these were worth it.

The highlights:
The Bonus Packing Material - 2 1989 Fleer Stickers
It's nice when people make sure the outer cards in the stack won't get dinged 
1989 Fleer Dante Bichette

1989 Fleer Bob Boone

1989 Fleer Chuck Finley
The former Cardinal!

1989 Fleer Wally Joyner

eBay Tracker
Total Cards Bought123
Total Spent$3.28
Per Card2.67 cents

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