eBay Wins #141

Today I've got the 1990 Donruss and Score cards from my giant pile of eBay penny cards. It's nothing against Dion James, but I didn't really want to feature him in his own post next time.

1990 Donruss
#2 Steve Sax
#46 Kelly Mann
#93 Jeffrey Leonard
#263 Andres Thomas
#308 Tom Browning
#387 Dave West
#497 Jim Presley
1990 Score
#514 Dion James
I have an attachment to 1990 Donruss, because it was the first set I realistically thought I could complete by buying packs, when I bought a dirt cheap box from either my LCS or a Flea Market, I forget which, around 1994. I know some people think it's ugly, but I like it for sentimental reasons, not aesthetic. Somehow, even with that box and all the collecting I've done through the years, I'm still a little short of the full set. One day I'll go on a COMC or similar spending spree of a buck or two, and it will be mine.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3202
Total Spent$50.55
Per Card1.579 cents
Change-0.001 cents

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