eBay Wins #121

Marching inexorably forward, I'm now at 1986 in my eBay pseudo-lots.

1986 Donruss
#20 Gary Ward
#104 Jerry Reuss
#159 Toby Harrah
#211 Bill Schroeder
#180 Harold Baines
#347 Don Baylor
#378 Dave Schmidt
#379 Bob James
While Don Baylor was never a Cardinal player, he was the first hitting coach I remember. And kid-me figured he must have been pretty good to have been hired away as the Rockies first manager. Also in this first bunch is Cardinal and St. Louis native Jerry Reuss.

1986 Donruss
#403 Bill Stein
#417 Dan Pasqua
#435 Ivan Calderon
#446 Jerry Royster
#458 Bob Shirley
#488 Juan Agosto
#544 Steve Buechele
#601 Joe Niekro
1986 is still a bit before I really started watching baseball, so I still have to look up each non-All-Star player on baseball-reference if I want to know for sure if he ever played for the Cardinals. One guy I found that way was Bill Stein, who only has Rangers stats on his 1986 card, but started out with the Cardinals in 1972-1973. Bob Shirley did have some Cardinals stats on his card, otherwise he would have been another one I didn't know played for my favorite team. I was previously aware of Juan Agosto, since he was in St. Louis in 1992.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2901
Total Spent$47.54
Per Card1.639 cents

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