eBay Wins #120

Today I've got 2 cards from 1985 Donruss, with black, chipped borders and all. I've kindly cropped the image by about millimeter around each edge, so as not to offend your eyes.

1985 Donruss
#111 John Denny
#454 Storm Davis
John Denny played for the Cardinals from 1974 to 1979, which wasn't a very successful time in team history. He played 1985 with the Phillies as shown, and 1986 with the Reds before retiring.

Storm Davis wasn't a Cardinal, but he definitely has one of the great baseball nicknames. For some reason names like his make me think of an interview I saw by Stone Phillips of Garry Shandling, in which he riffed for a few minutes on how Stone's parents must have arrived at his name. He ultimately decided it's because Rocky was already taken.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2885
Total Spent$47.38
Per Card1.642 cents

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