eBay Wins #87

I don't usually buy enough of any one product to come anywhere close to completing an insert set, so I pounced on these insert cards listed at a penny each. I wound up winning 10 for a dime, which I would have gladly paid for the Pujols or Holliday alone. The original insert rate was 1:6, so this represents 60 packs worth of Diamond Stars. There were a few duplicates within the lot, as you can see, but I didn't have any of the 7 unique cards previously. I've still only got 10 of the 25 cards in the set.

These cards are shiny in person, but put next to each other in a scan, and I start to feel dizzy just looking at all the colors, lines, and sparkle.

2011 Topps - Diamond Stars
#DS-3 Joe Mauer
#DS-10 Albert Pujols
#DS-12 Alex Rodriguez (x2)
#DS-15 Cliff Lee (x2)
#DS-16 Felix Hernandez
#DS-17 Matt Holliday
#DS-24 Ryan Braun
I actually got 2 of the Braun cards as well, but my scanner is wide enough to go 5 cards by 2. It looks mostly like the first one, though, so you can imagine it.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2457
Total Spent$43.42
Per Card1.767 cents

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