I'm Not Superstitious

If I was, I wouldn't be writing this trade post. At the start of the day, the Pirates were a mere 0.5 games behind the Cardinals for the NL Central, and, more importantly, the right not to play in the wildcard sudden-death play-in.

Of course, a little friendly competition is no problem for fans of opposing teams with baseball cards on the brain. I made a small trade with Zistle user BucCollector, who, as his name would suggest, collects Pirates. I sent a few cards from the late 90s he needed, and got this little old '84 Fleer in return.

1984 Fleer #339 Andy Van Slyke

Even though that picture was taken in 1983 or so, it still reminds me of what Busch Stadium looked like in the early 90s when I started watching baseball. The bright green turf, almost no dirt on the infield, the dark green outfield with team logos all around. All of those things went away with a significant remodel in the mid to late 90s, and subsequently the new Busch Stadium in 2006

So, not only did I trade with a Pirate fan, but in return I received a player best known as a Pirate.


If the Cardinals go into a free-fall starting tomorrow, the rest of you Cardinal fans can blame me.

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