2013 Opening Day Jumbo Packs

It's late August, which can only mean one thing...Opening Day? The truth is, sometimes I buy cards from a set I know I want, but defer opening them until later, especially if I want to show them on my blog. These packs aren't too terribly old though, they're from the early August 1/2 price sale on cards at Target. I don't think I've ever seen a store run a sale on current products, but I went straight to my local Target when I heard about the sale, to get Topps' cheapest product even more cheaply. I only found 4 24-packs of Opening Day, so I went ahead and bought all 4 for a total of $5.98. Here are the highlights from all 4 packs at once.

2013 Opening Day - Mascots
#M-6 Oakland Athletics
#M-7 Screech
#M-13 Atlanta Braves

Opening Day followed a few of the same patterns this year. There were 6 1:2 insert sets, so my first 3 packs all had inserts from the same 3 sets. I can't quite place what it is I like about these mascot cards so much. Maybe it's because I rarely get to see any opposing team's mascot on TV, and almost never in person.

2013 Opening Day - Play Hard
#PH-1 Buster Posey
#PH-2 Bryce Harper
#PH-20 Yadier Molina

There have been rumblings in the league about eliminating the catcher collision play. I've heard that Buster Posey has been specifically instructed not to block the plate, since he's too valuable offensively. Seeing Yadier Molina bowl over the catcher, also in red, makes me imagine the positions switched, which then makes me think I really don't like the collision at the plate any more.

2013 Opening Day - Superstar Celebrations
SC-17 Chase Headley
#SC-20 Prince Fielder
#SC-21 Buster Posey

I like what Opening Day has done with Superstar Celebrations this year, switching from the common border and design to team colors.

2013 Opening Day
Ballpark Fun #BF-21 Jurickson Profar
Opening Day Stars #ODS-25 Yadier Molina
Opening Day Edition #192 Josh Beckett #0571/2013

The last pack had 3 different insert sets. If all of the Ballpark Fun set is pie-in-the-face cards, I may not try to complete it. But, if there's a card with the old wad of bubble gum on the hat squatchee, I'm in. Also, I pulled another Molina, and Opening Day's favorite parallel color, blue.

2013 Opening Day
#9 Mark Buehrle
#91 Adam Wainwright
Would you believe, out of 84 base cards, only 1 was a Cardinal? That would be Adam Wainwright on the left. That's okay, though, because I tend to get random cardinals in trades, so really from a set-completion standpoint, non-Cardinals are better, right? I also included local guy Mark Beuhrle, because I follow him a bit too.

I'm hoping to eventually build this set, and most of the common inserts. I've got some more I haven't opened yet, which is good, because at best I'm 84 cards into the 220 card base set.


  1. I don't see how you take the play at the plate out of the game. What's the option? Let them score if they cross halfway between third and home?

    1. Thinking through it, even though I still don't like the collision, I don't think there's a great solution either. I think blocking the plate would get banned, as well as colliding with the catcher. It would play out like a failed hit and run, when the runner is beaten to second by the ball by several steps. Runner slides, fielder attempts a tag. It wouldn't go smoothly, because then we'd have umpires deciding if the contact was too rough or just right, or whether the catcher was too "in the way", adding to their ability to mess with game results. Anyone who's watched basketball has probably seen a Charging call that should have been Blocking, and vice versa. And even the new replay wouldn't come into play on a judgement call like that. So maybe you're right, and it can't be banned outright. Then, even if catchers try to avoid those collisions by preparing for a tag instead of squatting on the train tracks, they wouldn't be protected from a runner who wanted to really make sure he was safe by coming in standing up instead of sliding.

      So my best proposed solution is basically slow-pitch softball rules, which don't feel right at all for MLB.