eBay Wins #82

Today's selection is some decidedly common cards, of a 1989 to 1996 vintage. I hope you'll enjoy it.

1989 Donruss #279 Denny Walling
1991 Leaf #291 Jeff Russell
1995 Stadium Club #428 Melvin Nieves
1996 Topps #235 David Yocum
Denny Walling played 18 seasons in MLB, and parts of 3 for the Cardinals, yet I really don't know anything about him. I'm sure any Astros fan knows him, since many more of those 18 years were with Houston.

As for Jeff Russell, the photographer caught his arm at the exact angle that makes me say "That's why I'll never be a pitcher".

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2433
Total Spent$43.18
Per Card1.775 cents

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