eBay Wins #79

Just one card from 1988 today, but it screams 1980s.

1988 Donruss #257 Mitch Webster
Have the Nationals every had a throwback game and worn the Expos uniforms? I would guess not, since throwbacks tend to be a regional thing, i.e. the Kansas City Royals dressing as the Monarchs. I've never heard of the Baltimore Orioles dressing as the St. Louis Browns. I therefore propose that the next time each moved and rebranded team visits near their old home, they dress in throwbacks, specifically so that I can see Strasburg and Harper in these blue jerseys and multicolored hats.

Washington Nationals as Montreal Expos @ Toronto Blue Jays
Milwaukee Brewers as Seattle Pilots @ Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers as Washington Senators @ Washington Nationals
Minnesota Twins as Washington Senators @ Washington Nationals
Baltimore Orioles as St. Louis Browns @ St. Louis Cardinals

That should be fair. The Nats dress as the Expos, and in return get 2 different visiting Senators teams. There are a few other fringe cases as well, but mostly from another era, such as the Yankees as the Baltimore Orioles.

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