eBay Wins #78

Happy All-Star Tuesday everyone. Even though "it counts", I don't really feel like I've got skin in the game, so I just sit back and enjoy the matchups, and root for my Cardinals a little too.

This lot had a fairly diverse number of sets and years for just 8 cards, and gave me one more card in my quest for every Cardinal ever.

1987 Topps #127 Vance Law
1987 Topps #245 Willie Upshaw
1991 Leaf #272 Gerald Perry
1991 Leaf #415 Greg Cadaret
1991 Leaf #429 Alvin Davis
1991 Leaf #479 Mike Flanagan
1991 Leaf #524 Tommy Greene
1995 Stadium Club #434 Ramon Martinez

This Ramon Martinez is my first 1995 Stadium Club card. Back when I was but a young collector, Stadium Club was too "premium" for me, and I tended to focus my meager buying into many packs of a few sets. After a couple of years of intentionally skipping a particular brand, it was hard to break the habit, even when I switched to buying a 1 pack of everything. I don't think I ever actually bought a Stadium Club pack, though I have acquired non-1995 cards through the years.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2411
Total Spent$42.96
Per Card1.782 cents

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