My Worst-Conditioned Card

Fuji's back at it with another blog bat-around question. this time he asks: What's the worst conditioned card in your collection? Is there a story behind it?

1955 Bowman #216 Preacher Row
Appropriately enough, I got this card in a Beat Up Vintage contest.

I'm pretty sure this is the worst-conditioned card in my collection, because I don't usually buy singles that are in bad condition, even for a heavy discount. I think it's because as a child I was always taught to take care of my toys, and really, what are cards but toys? Although, in the last year or so of making trades and getting contest winnings in the mail, I've started to worry less about condition. I'll certainly always put my cards in sleeves when they show up, even if they already have dinged corners, but I can still appreciate that if I'm going to have any 1950s and even a lot of 1960s or 1970s cards, they're going to have a little "character".

So, the story behind this card is the same as a lot of my cards acquired in the last 2 years, given away by a generous blogger in a contest to generate some buzz for his blog. Also, just today I got sick of this one sitting out on a table like it's been since at least November, so I went to a store that's somewhat new in town, Vintage Stock or V-Stock (I can't really tell what the legal name is), and got some extra tall card sleeves so this one can be safely filed with my other cards. I also had to use one for a 1953 Bowman, and now I'm ready for 98 more Vintage too-tall cards, or at least some 1989 Bowman.


  1. When I gave a copy of that card to Preacher to autograph he said that it would be one o his most expensive cards. He said it was an error because he never actually played for Baltimore. Oh, how little ballplayers know about their own cards.

  2. Nice card. I understand where you're coming from. My collection is split up into different categories. My vintage cards are basically split into two categories: My near mint/mint collection of stars that I store as singles and the other half are part of my vintage card binder. The cards in my binder can be in any condition as long as it's deemed "cool".