eBay Wins #38

Another seller put some 90s commons up for sale, and I just couldn't refuse. I picked these 9 cards up for a total of 9 cents. And 3 of them go in my vast PC of "Anyone who was a Cardinal, ever".

1990 Topps #567 Ron Gant
I remember when Gant, Jordan, and Lankford formed one of the most power-hitting outfields in MLB, at least that's how I remember it.
1990 Topps #35 Benny Santiago
It's rare to see a catcher neither batting nor in his gear, so that gives this card a little quirk.

1990 Topps #34 Tony Fossas
Here's another former Cardinal a few years before he got to us. I can't tell if that's a scowl or he's trying to hold back a smile.
1990 Topps #754 Bob Walk

1990 Topps #658 Donell Nixon

1990 Topps #228 Dave Martinez

1994 Stadium Club #26 Tony Fossas
Hey look, it's Tony Fossas again. It's still pre-Cardinals though, as he came to the team for 1995-1997.

1994 Stadium Club #154 Chris Haney

1994 Stadium Club #270 Checklist
 Normally I wouldn't include the checklist, but this one just screams "90s" even more than the base cards.

Let's see how my stats are looking.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2010
Total Spent$38.37
Per Card1.909 cents

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