Two Contests to Promote

I always debate whether or not I want to write a contest-promoting post to get the bonus entry, but usually wind up justifying it to myself and doing it. Let's see what kind of weak reasoning I come up with this time!

First, there's a contest at The Angels, In Order to promote a new 1995 Skybox E-motion blog. At least with this one it's a brand new blog, so nearly everyone who finds the contest via my post finds a new blog too, right? Also, you could win some cards from the set, including this Cal Ripken, Jr. You'll need to follow both blogs to get in.

1995 Skybox E-motion - Ripken #8 Shortstop HR Record

Next up, a contest at All Trade Bait, All The Time to celebrate 10,000 hits. This one's a bit simpler, at least to start. Also, you can win this card, which is a nice prize despite featuring a Cub. I can't talk my way out of this one, but at least it's not its own post, right? Boom, nailed it.

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen - Autographs #GQA-MB Marlon Byrd

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  1. I pulled a team bag full of stuff off your wantlists plus a few other cardinals you may or may not need. email me your address.