A (Very) Little Man Cave Update

This morning my alarm went off at 5:15 so I could get up, get dressed, and prepare a quick breakfast for my wife before waking her up. She ran in her first 5K since high school cross country, and I wanted to make sure she got as much sleep as she could and enough food to survive it, since she's hypoglycemic, and the race started at 7:30, about 20 minutes away from us. I didn't know my wife in high school, but she told me she would routinely faint at the end of races, so be ready. Luckily she didn't push herself to that level, and finished just a bit over 38 minutes, well behind the winners, but well ahead of some others.

That has almost nothing to do with anything, except as a consequence, we were out and about much earlier than usual for a Saturday, arrived back home about 9am, and noticed the subdivision next to us was having a subdivision-wide garage sale. She needed a cooldown walk, and loves to shop, and I felt like a slacker for not running with her, so we walked over to the sales.

She found a couple items of clothing, and I was on the lookout for anything sports related, after finding a sweet catcher's mitt for $10 a few weeks ago. One place had an orange Bengals Chad Johnson (not Ocho Cinco) jersey, and a gold 49ers Terrell Owens jersey, both of which would have fit me, for 8 bucks each. They looked to be in good condition, but I guess standing out in the heat, I just couldn't convince myself to buy an item of clothing I had to layer over another shirt. Also, one person was selling a bucket of softballs, on which the owner had previously written their initials: MW. Despite the handy pre-monogramming, I think I have more than enough softballs to make it through the limited games I play these days, so I passed

At another sale, walking past a bin of 10 cent toys and almost ignoring it completely, this little pennant caught my eye:

It's about 6-7 inches long, not a full size one, but I figured for 10 cents, I'd take it. Here's why:

Pay no attention to the Goofy hat in the background
That little Padres pennant came in a Cracker Jack box years ago, and for some reason I put it in the middle of the row with my other less-mini pennants. This Braves one, while it doesn't match, is about the right size, and so will go nicely in the mini-mini pennant's place. I realize I could have just fixed the spacing, but I never got around to it.

By the way, all those shots are fairly tightly framed because I'm almost ashamed of how messy I've let this room get. Unsorted baseball cards all over the pool table, a big "to do" pile in the corner, and random junk that should be thrown out or stored somewhere else. I'm trying to work my way though the cards first, because a pool table's just a big heavy inconvenient table when there's stuff on it. Anyway, let's see the results of this massive makeover.

Now that's much better, and now I have a micro pennant to put up somewhere else.

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