I Won at Card Anathema

This was less of a contest than it was a race, and luckily I was scrolling through Google Reader and was all caught up when this post at Card Anathema came up. Matt's impulsiveness is my gain, and I received a pack of 2012 Bowman in the mail Friday. He even put a little tape on it so it almost felt like opening a brand new pack with no knowledge of what's inside.

In a 10-card pack, I count 6 cards that I would consider inserts. That's a pretty crazy ratio, but maybe that's part of what drives everyone mad for Bowman each year.

2012 Bowman #21 Yunel Escobar

2012 Bowman #48 Zack Greinke

2012 Bowman #161 Jason Heyward

2012 Bowman #187 Kevin Youkilis
That's the 4 base cards, all of them Major Leaguers. Next up are some prospects

2012 Bowman - Prospects #BP5 A.J. Jiminez

2012 Bowman - Prospects #BP63 Todd McInnis
Next up: Chrome Prospects. I'm starting to really like Chrome cards, plus they are the only ones out of this set that appear to scan well.

2012 Bowman - Chrome Prospects #BCP84 Bryan Brickhouse

2012 Bowman - Chrome Prospects #BCP101 Julio Rodriguez

That's it for the prospects. I don't really know any of these guys, but I'm glad to get one that's in the Cardinals organization.

2012 Bowman - Gold #80 Jimmy Rollins
The obligatory Gold parallel, these are 1 per pack and actually look pretty good.

2012 Bowman - International #53 Adam Lind
These are inserted 1:8 packs, too bad Mr. Lind was just outrighted to the minors.

Thanks to Matt at Card Anathema for the cards!

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