A Card You Should Own

When Fuji posed the question, "What's a cheap (under $5), cool card you feel every collector should add to their collection?", I had to step back and think.

First, I couldn't just pick a cheap cool Cardinal card I like, not every collector likes the Cardinals.

After that, I started thinking of legendary quirky cards, such as Billy Ripken, but I bet that infamous card might go for over $5 for being an error several corrections.

Then I thought of another Ripken card that's just quirky enough to be funny, but probably still dirt cheap.

1994 Collector's Choice #240 Cal Ripken, Jr.

Those 1994 phones were laughably huge by 1998, and 1998 phones were laughably huge by 2002. Phones have crept back up in size a little since they're now tiny personal computers, but Cal looks like he's calling in an air strike on this one.

Maybe it's just my sense of humor and love of the weird, but this is a card that I think needs to be in everyone's collection. Of course, it doesn't hurt that it's got a Hall of Famer on it too.

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  1. This card is awesome... love the "air strike" statement. That's dead on. Btw... that Billy Ripken card is pretty cool too.