I'm Still Here

I haven't posted in over a week, which is fairly rare for me. There were some minor to medium medical issues to deal with, and then all the work to catch up on due to the time spent dealing with the issues. The important thing is everyone is now OK, and I'm somewhat caught up.  That means I'll be back to my excessive tagging and poor writing in no time. For now, here's a little something to get me back in the swing of things.

2012 Topps #93B Skip Schumaker/Rally Squirrel

I want this card.

I've seen a lot of complaints about how this card is weird or dumb, but I love it. It probably doesn't hurt that I'm a Cardinals fan. This town went nuts with Rally-Squirrel-Mania during the playoffs, (so much so that I even got a shirt for Christmas), so I think this does tell a bit of the story of the 2011 season, especially that of the World Champions for the year.

I think it's crazy that this card has been selling for huge money on eBay. I think that's a bit nuts (ha, squirrel pun) as all indications are this is just a regular SP, and only somewhat rare. Hopefully by mid to late in the year everyone will come to their collective senses and I can acquire one by trade or even at a saner eBay price.


  1. I'm confused over the nutty bidding for this card on eBay. It's not really too different than a Opening Day mascot card, and those go for $0.18. I wonder what these people do for a living that can throw $200 at a baseball card!
    But I agree that they're cool. My daughter wants one for her little collection.

  2. You'll be able to find one much cheaper if you're patient. Hope eveything is better now.