Superbowl XLVI Projection, Championship Weekend

New England over New York (77.849%)

I got to see most of both games today, and the end of both of them. It was pretty exciting to see New England and Baltimore go to the last minute and the OT for San Francisco and New York. Unfortunately New York defied my odds yet again. Despite this, I think I'll be rooting for them against the New England, although that's been bad luck as my chosen team has lost the last 4 Superbowls, dating back to the first matchup of these two teams. That year, despite my dislike for New England, I thought it'd be cool to see a team go 19-0. In 2009, I rooted for the old St. Louis QB, Kurt Warner, as he and Arizona lost to the Pittsburgh. In 2010, Indianapolis and one of my favorite non-Rams, Peyton Manning, lost to New Orleans. I finally got onto the Pittsburgh bandwagon last year, only to have Green Bay take them down.

I guess this is my final projection post, though I'll do some sort of wrap-up in two weeks showing how badly it worked out this year. The Giants have been quite the thorn in my side so far.


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