eBay Wins #15

Well I've totally blown my eBay Bargain-Hunting average, but that's ok, this one wasn't bought because it was cheap.

2011 Topps Heritage - Clubhouse Colletion Relics #CCR-JT Jim Thome

Shortly after 2011 Heritage his the shelves, I pulled a Josh Willingham Relic, and really liked how it looked, so I decided I wanted one of a bigger name player. I happened to come across this one in an auction. Early on it looked like it would go fairly cheaply, but I wound up bidding it up to $4.50 shipped. Overall I think that's not bad for a future Hall of Famer and 600 Home Run Club member.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought997
Total Spent$21.02
Per Card2.11 cents

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