Number 5 Type Collection's Cardinals Giveaway, Part 1

I won a nice contest from Number 5 Type Collection, and the pile he sent me was over 40 cards. Unfortunately for all of you, I have this urge to
and also tag the sets and players I collect, which means, due to the blogger limit of 200 characters, I'll have to split them into 5 posts. At least it's an appropriate number. Let's start #1 off strong with some Ozzies:
1996 Pinnacle Aficionado #5 Ozzie Smith

1989 Donruss Bonus MVPs #BC-14 Ozzie Smith

1987 Topps Glossy All Stars #5 Ozzie Smith

1988 Nestle #5 Ozzie Smith

1987 Donruss #5 Ozzie Smith

1993 Duracell Power Players I #11 Ozzie Smith
That concludes the Ozzie Smith portion of the prize. I like the oddballs thrown in, it virtually guarantees I don't have the card.

1988 Kmart #5 Jack Clark
I actually don't remember Jack Clark as a member of the Cardinals, but he managed a local Minor League team for awhile, and now does some in-studio work on Fox Sports for Cardinals games, so on some level I'm still familiar with him.

1988 Topps Big #5 Vince Coleman

1991 Post #5 Vince Coleman
Vince Coleman, another guy I don't remember from his playing days with the Cardinals, though I do recall him with the Mets and a few other stops. The 2 things I think about most with him are getting run over by the tarp, and throwing fireworks into a group of fans. It's kind of an odd legacy.

More to see tomorrow...

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  1. Ahh! I don't think I have that Nestle Ozzie. That makes me anxious.