Topps Prime 9; Week 9

I sure have dragged out a contest win for 2 stinkin cards over a ridiculously long time.

The Win - From September 8
Week 8 - From September 16

I've tried to space my posts out and the NFL projections and NCAA rankings have been taking up Sunday(ish) and Tuesday.  Anyway, enough about my first-world problems.  On to the card!

Sweet, Sandy Koufax.  I picked up this card last Saturday at the LCS, then helped a buddy move across town from about 2pm till 11pm, including a few U-Haul trips. I'll avoid the obvious joke about the juxtaposition of Koufax and me doing work on Saturday.

Due to a little time crunch I didn't return to One Million Baseball Cards as originally planned, but went to the more local shop that had been closed the previous Saturday.  This happens to be the same shop I first went to as a 10 year old kid in 1992, although it has moved locations.  I recall it being pretty organized before, even though it was stuffed with stacks and stacks of long card boxes.  I also went to the new location back in 1998.  I know this because I distinctly remember asking if they had any Nomar Garciaparra Diamond Ink Points.  Again, it was pretty well organized.

This time, however, I was almost uncomfortable shopping in the store because it was so cluttered.  I think there was an open hobby box of just about every product from the last 5 years sitting on the counters, some stacked on top of others.  There were stacks of singles sitting out, with no discernible price labels anywhere around.  The back of the store had some taken-apart shelving sitting in the middle of the walkway.  I think part of my discomfort was knowing I could easily knock over a stack of cards almost anywhere, bending them and feeling liable.  I was determined to buy something, though, as a thank you for the shop partaking in the Prime 9 promotion, so I grabbed a 300ct cardboard box for a huge outgoing trade, and a pack of 2011 Lineage.

I won't name the shop here since I don't want to give them bad press if anyone in the area does a Google search on the name, but I don't think I'll be returning there anytime soon, at least not to browse.  I suppose if I knew exactly what I wanted it'd do the job.

Man, that ended on a downer. I know! Play me out, keyboard cat!

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