A Contest win at Sports Card Info

Ross at Sports Card Info runs a contest just about every week, where all one can enter once per day to win the card of the week.  Well on that particular contest, the winner never showed his face, so the card went back up for grabs, and I won.

I had spoken with much bravado about how of course I would tear, but when I won, I thought, "How can I tear a card?!"  I always feel iffy about the products where you have to destroy something to get at an unknown.  Pinnacle hit me with this rapid fire with the rip cards and Pinnacle Inside cans in the late 90s.  But, since I said I would tear, and I hadn't paid a thing for the Potvin except for a few moments to post every day for a week, I figured I had nothing to lose.

As you can see, I dared to tear.

At this point I was just hoping I hadn't nicked the inside card.  Nestled nicely in the middle was:

The #1 pick of the 2010 Draft.  That's not bad at all.  I suppose only time will tell how good he truly is.  Ovechkin and Crosby represent a good 2 year run for overall #1s in 2004-2005, but I'd say Erik Johnson definitely broke the streak.  Thanks for a great contest, and everyone go check out Sports Card Info if it's not already in your blog reading list.


  1. Very nice pull on the inside! If it were me that had won the Potvin, that Taylor Hall card may never have seen the light of day.

  2. I won one of Ross' contests awhile back. Ross is a great guy and is one of my favorite daily stops with his timely "Card of the Day" posts. His contests are always generous. That's an awesome pull, congrats!