Topps Prime 9; Week 8

As I showed last week, Matt F. at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius sent me 2 Topps Prime 9 Redemptions.  Week 8 was September 5-11, so I turned the first one into:

I wound up on a bit of a chase to get this card.  With Labor Day on the 5th, 2 nights of school a week, and no shops I can get to conveniently at my lunch break, I didn't even attempt to redeem this until Saturday.  My favorite shop wasn't participating, but no worries, another familiar one nearby was.  As I pulled up to the store, I saw a handwritten sign on the door: "Closed Sep. 10th for a Family Event".  I checked the hours on the door, and nothing was listed for Sunday.

That sent me home to search the internet and call around to find someone in the area who would redeem the card.  The first store I called answered the phone with a simple "Hello?", making me think I had reached a home by accident.  But no, his business phone skills were just a bit lacking.  He said his place wasn't participating, so I went to the next one on my list. One Million Baseball Cards was in fact participating, but they closed at 5pm and weren't open Sunday, so I had to hurry. The store was pretty cool, and had a great selection of all sports, and tons of baseball.  Unfortunately by the time I got there I was in a bit of a hurry, so didn't get to look around for too long.  I saw a huge box of Heritage and Gypsy Queen singles, so I think my wantlist and I will make the slightly longer trek out there this week as well - and build in some time to browse.

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