eBay Wins #253

Today's eBay bargain came in the form of a full pack of 1990 Pacific Legends. I previously only had two cards from this set, which came from another eBay win and a contest win.

1990 Pacific Legends
#26 Dick Groat
#37 Vern Law
#38 Eddie Lopat
#54 Bob Horner
#68 Catfish Hunter
#69 Alvin Dark

1990 Pacific Legends
#85 Bob Feller
#97 Tom Paciorek
#101 Phil Rizzuto
#103 Pete Runnels
In addition to the pictured Bob Horner, Dick Groat and Al Dark both played for the Cardinals. Dick Groat always reminds me of a story my dad would tell about being at the 1964 (I think) World Series. The crowd stormed the field, and when he reconnected with his friend who had run off, the first thing he told my dad was "I touched Dick Groat!" That'd be a good name for a blog, if you're a Pirates/Cardinals/Phillies/Giants fan out there looking for inspiration.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought5034
Total Spent$62.71
Per Card1.246 cents
Change0 cents


  1. One of my favorite oddball type sets; it really helped familiarize me with a lot of stars from years past. Plus, it's just a wonderfully photographed set!

    1. Agreed, I loved this set as a kid. Seems like one I should revisit.

  2. Great Dick Groat story! I agree with Tony. Some great old photos. Not as old as some of them but I like the pre "Swingin' A's" Hunter.