July Card Show Autographs II

There was another, much smaller - as detailed by CardinalsFan16 on All Cardinals All the Time - card show at the same location as the normal monthly one, but just 6 days later. I've been to their Saturday shows before, and they are typically smaller, but this one was practically nonexistent. There were 3 autograph signers though, all relatively recently retired former Cardinals that I didn't yet have in my collection.

Fernando Tatis          Octavio Dotel 28         Skip Schumaker 55

I promise that says Fernando Tatis on the left. It's at least consistent with other images I see online of his signature, but I made sure to catalog that one right away, because I might never decipher that if I had to. He's probably most well known in St. Louis for hitting 2 Grand Slams in one inning against Chan-Ho Park in 1999. Several people had him inscribe something related to that, though I wonder if those turned out legible.

Octavio Dotel was only a Cardinal for half a season, but it was the second half of 2011, meaning he was part of the World Series team.

Skip Schumaker was also a part of that 2011 World Series team, and was the player at the plate when the infamous Rally Squirrel ran through the batter's box, as you may recall seeing in 2012 on a Topps short print. That card is still tough to find reasonably priced, but there were several people with giant photos of the event for him to sign.

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