eBay Wins #235

Today I've got a first for my blog, my first 1989 Fleer Update. I figured I had posted something from this set before, but I haven't. In my collection I had just 5 unique cards from the set, all Cardinals. I've got duplicates of all of them, though, including 12 Dan Quisenberrys for some reason. I'm pretty sure these were mixed into a big lot of A's I bought cheap, and came out of my half-cent box.

1989 Fleer Update
#U-55 Mike Moore
#U-56 Tony Phillips
I think I'll start ranking my mood on bad days from Mike Moore to Tony Phillips. Neither of them look very pleased to be on their baseball cards here. At least Tony's appears to be a candid shot. I'm guessing Mike was going for a tough guy look, but he just seems mildly annoyed.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought4190
Total Spent$56.94
Per Card1.359 cents
Change0 cents

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