eBay Wins #215

Today I've got the rest of my 1987 Fleer. People like to sell these cheap.

1987 Fleer
#524 Ed Olwine
#525 David Palmer
#526 Rafael Ramirez
#527 Billy Sample
#528 Ted Simmons
#529 Zane Smith
#530 Bruce Sutter
#531 Andres Thomas
#532 Ozzie Virgil
Ted Simmons and Bruce Sutter, both Braves here, played for the Cardinals. I wondered whether they were teammates in St. Louis, but Simmons left after 1980 while Sutter arrived in 1981.

1987 Fleer
#601 Bill Almon
#602 Rafael Belliard
#603 Mike Bielecki
#605 Bobby Bonilla
#606 Sid Bream
#607 Mike Brown
#608 Pat Clements
#609 Mike Diaz
#610 Cecilio Guante
Bobby Bonilla finished his career in St. Louis, though he's still getting paid by the Mets for something like the next 107 years.

1987 Fleer
#611 Barry Jones
#612 Bob Kipper
#613 Larry McWilliams
#614 Jim Morrison
#615 Joe Orsulak
#616 Junior Ortiz
#617 Tony Pena
#618 Johnny Ray
#619 Rick Reuschel
Tony Pena and Larry McWilliams were reunited in St. Louis for the 1988 season.

1987 Fleer
#620 R.J. Reynolds
#621 Rick Rhoden
#622 Don Robinson
#623 Bob Walk
#624 Jim Winn
#632 Bob Horner
 Boston Red Sox and LA Dodgers
LA Dodgers and Cleveland Indians (x2)
I had a Bob Horner in the previous eBay post, but this one commemorates one of the rarest feats in baseball he accomplished in 1986, hitting four home runs in a single game. The next player to do it was Mark Whiten in 1993, and the previous was Mike Schmidt in 1976. He's also one of only two players to do so in a loss for his team, at least according to the record books. The other was in 1896.

1987 Fleer
#649 Ralph Bryant / Jose Gonzalez
#653 Rob Nelson / Steve Fireovid
Oakland A's (x2)
Oakland A's and Houston Astros (x2)
I could see these stickers being good for labeling your boxes or binders if you store your cards by team. I work by set, though, so I'll keep them intact for now. As with the last post, these came from my half-cent box, costing me 21 cents, knocking my average below 1.5 cents per card.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3598
Total Spent$53.88
Per Card1.497 cents
Change-0.012 cents

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