eBay Wins #197

I've made my way up to 1982 in my pile of eBay penny cards. Today I've got 3 from Donruss.

1982 Donruss
#29 Sparky Anderson
#402 Bill Robinson
#555 Jerry Royster
For some reason I seem to like manager cards disproportionately. Maybe it's just because I know the managers well, even when a team has few stars to speak of.  Sparky Anderson looks pretty old here, so it's hard to believe he managed another 13 years through 1995. However, he actually only turned 48 in 1982, if I did my math right, so he really wasn't all that old, as managers go, when he retired.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3382
Total Spent$52.30
Per Card1.546 cents
Change-0.001 cents

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