2014 Topps From The Pack Stash

2014 Topps
#50 Buster Posey
#69 Jhoulys Chacin
#167 Jeremy Guthrie
#176 Alex Cobb
#317 Lonnie Chisenhall

This pack illustrated the downside to the apparent bargains of repacks. I think my box was 10 packs for either $20 or $15, but these 5 card packs of Topps can be had for $1 at Dollar Tree last time I checked. But, they weren't all $1 packs, so overall the repack was still an OK deal. These are my first 2014 Topps cards, for some reason. I guess I just never jumped in last year when they came out, probably because I was still digging through my 3 hobby boxes of 2013 flagship and Update. I did win a contest for a 2014 insert, but that's the only card I have from the set, so here we are, with my first 2014 base cards showing up after my first 2015s.

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