2015 Is Here

Ok, it's been here for a few days. But, I've been entirely too busy to open the hanger box (is that the right term for the 72-card, $10 box?) I bought Friday at Target. I'll probably wind up purchasing a Jumbo box, rendering all of the base cards in this box expendable, but I decided to be less practical and more fun in my collecting from now on, and a $10 bill won't kill my budget. But, enough about my collecting philosophies; onto to the cards!

2015 Topps
#11 Jon Jay
#48 John Axford
#80 Adam Wainwright
#220 Shelby Miller
I consider any pack consisting of over 1/30th Cardinals a success, even if one is pictured as a Pirate and another (Miller) has already been traded away for Jason Heyward.

2015 Topps
Archetypes #A-22 Hank Aaron
Rainbow Foil #279 Coco Crisp
First Pitches #FP-06 Agnes McKee
Robbed #R-12 George Springer
The Jackie Robinson Story #JR-2 Serving His Country
Free Agent 40 #F40-5 Goose Gossage
First Home Run #FHR-05 Derek Jeter
First Home Run #FHR-10 Anthony Rizzo
The first time I flipped through the cards, I didn't notice this Coco Crisp card was a parallel. The Rainbow Foil effect is somewhat hard to discern with the colorful borders. For the First Pitch cards, I thought it was kind of a cool idea when I read about it, but of course I was focusing in on the celebrities like Jeff Bridges and Eddie Vedder. Even though my card has a 105-year-old woman I've never before known about, I'm still in favor of the set. In the second row, you can see I pulled the mandatory Jeter card, which was actually the first 2015 cards I saw in person. I was a little surprised to get 2 cards from the First Home Run set, though.

2015 Topps
Call Your Shot Game Card
Highlight of the Year #H-8 Ted Williams
I doubt that bar code has enough information for you to redeem my Call Your Shot codes, but in case it does, I've already entered, giving me a 1:1,000,000 shot against everyone else who opened 2015 Topps this week.

The Ted Williams highlight card is nice and all, but overall, I'm not that overwhelmed by the inserts from this box.  Usually at least one catches my eye, and the whole set makes its way to my wantlist. Archetypes is obviously full of big stars, so that may be one that I go after. When looking up the Williams card in an online checklist, though, I saw there's a Nomar Garciaparra card in that insert set as well. I'll definitely be trying to track that one down.

Well, that's my first taste of 2015 cards. I'm sure the next will come when I'm waiting in line at Target and feeling froggy, so that could really be any day now.

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