2013 Topps Update Jumbo Pack #4

Pack 4 has my first hit - of sorts - from this box, though it's not an autograph or relic. I also got 2 former Cardinals.

2013 Topps Update
#US67 Kyle McClellan
Emerald Parallel #US225 Chris Getz
Gold Parallel #US289 Kevin Correia #0168/2013
Making Their Mark #MM-35 Aaron Hicks
Postseason Heroes #PH-18 Bret Saberhagen
1971 Topps Mini #TM-32 Carlos Gonzalez
Even though Bret Saberhagen hung around in the major leagues into 2001, I still remember him best as the first reliever for the AL All Stars in RBI baseball. I spent quite a bit of time playing that game, either as the NL or the Cardinals. Usually I liked to play the AL when I was the NL, otherwise it just didn't seem fair.

2013 Topps Update
#US41 Dan Haren
Chasing History #CH-134 Tony Cingrani
League Leaders Pins #LLP-MT Mike Trout
You can't tell from the scan, but if you're familiar with the set, you know that Trout card is a shadow-box style card, probably as thick as 6-8 regular cards. I put it on the pile with the other two thick inserts from Series 1 and 2, and I figured, hey, it's time to go get some toploaders of the correct size, since they're probably 10 to a pack, and I need at least 3. But, after examining the cards, all 3 are a different thickness, leaving me with the choice to buy 3 different sizes, or storing 2 in a toploader thick enough to allow them to wobble. Oh, the woes of the frugal collector.

The extra-thick Trout card cost me a few base cards, so there were only 38 in the pack. Still, all 38 were new, so I'm now over halfway done with the set, after just 4 out of 10 packs.

Update Series Completion: 168/330 (50.9%)

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