2013 Topps Series 2 Jumbo Pack #9

I've made it to pack 9, which means there's just one left after this one to complete Series 2.

2013 Topps
#527 Carlos Beltran
#27 Mike Trout SP
Chasing History #CH-100 Phil Niekro
Gold Parallel #479 Kelly Johnston #0811/2013
Making Their Mark #MM-25 Stephen Strasburg
World Baseball Classic #WBC-13 Joe Mauer
I didn't even blink the first time I saw the Mike Trout card above. When I open my packs, I usually flip through them face-up, separate out the inserts and Cardinals, and then look at the backs to sort them by number. 27 was a suspiciously low number for Series 2, so a quick search online showed me there is 1 SP variation of his card in Series 1, and 2 different variations inserted in Series 2. Things like that always make me paranoid that I should re-check my other Topps sets, especially since the variation doesn't stand out that much. Usually I just double check any duplicate I'm trading, and assume that I wasn't lucky enough to pull 2 or more of a given SP.

2013 Topps
Emerald Parallel #486 Jason Kubel
1972 Topps Mini #TM-75 Willie Stargell
The streak of horizontal Emerald parallels continues with this pack, and I got one more of the minis I might one day get ambitious enough to chase.

Only 7 of the 42 base cards were new this time, leaving me in danger of not completing the set without a near-perfect pack for #10. If I was betting, I'd say I won't finish the set, but maybe the collation is good and I just happened to leave a pack chock full of non-doubles for last.

Series 2 Completion: 292/330 (88.5%)

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