Chavez Ravining Winnings

Alex at Chavez Ravining has had at least one contest running every day since I've been following him. A few weeks ago the Randomizer picked me, and I won a David Price Heritage Chrome card. He also threw in a few Cardinals for my collection.

2004 Topps Total - Team Checklists #TTC27 Albert Pujols
2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update #349 Matt Holliday
2008 Upper Deck First Edition Update #474 Chris Duncan
2012 Bowman Chrome #117 John Axford
2013 Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects - Prospects #BDPP125 Jake Stone
2013 Heritage - Chrome #HC60 David Price #139/999
It felt unbalanced to post a scan that Holliday card by itself, and 5 vertical cards, so turn your head a bit if you really want to see it. That's from his time with the Rockies, so along with that orange and black All-Star jersey, he's got some (purple, I believe) pinstriped pants on. That's quite a look.

Also in the bunch was a Pujols card I didn't have, local radio personality Chris Duncan, recent rent-a-reliever John Axford, and a kid who's only played 1 year at Rookie level so far, Jake Stone.

Thanks for the cards, Alex, and all the contests of course.


  1. Glad you liked the cards. Some points coming your way.

  2. Nice win. Received my package today from my wins from Alex. Good stuff