eBay Wins #71

I'm normally not much of a gambling man, though this risk was no worse than 2 spins on the penny slots. I bid a penny each on 2 auctions; one was for a "Random Topps baseball card" and one was for a "Random baseball card". Clearly we're not dealing with true randomness here, otherwise you'd have to argue I'd have as much shot at a 1952 Mantle as a 1989 Bip Roberts. But, I'm no lawyer, and I knew what the seller meant. Here's what showed up in the mail, and quite quickly at that.

2013 Topps
#272 NL RBI League Leaders
#277 Brendan Ryan
2 cents and one was a former Cardinal. I always thought Brendan Ryan could shave some time off his first-to-third runs if he'd get rid of the ridiculous chain. I guess I can add ridiculous facial hair to my grumpy old man complaints too...even though he's slightly older than I am.

So far penny commons are all I've purchased from this set, so I've got some stars to track down if I want to build it. I may just go for the factory set at the end of the year, though, then build Update the old fashioned way.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2347
Total Spent$42.32
Per Card1.803 cents

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