2010 Upper Deck Bonus Pack #5

On to pack #5 of my free gift from Dave and Adam's Card World.
2010 Upper Deck
#333 Johan Santana
#346 Andy Pettitte
This pack, again, had no Cardinals, so here are two New York guys to appeal to the widest possible audience. That's how this works, right?

2010 Upper Deck
Season Biography #SB-116 Josh Beckett
I'm still surprised about the August 2012 trade in which so much talent and salary changed hands. I was actually somewhat away from civilization at the time, though I had my phone, on which I get tweets from some of the people I follow. Without the context available from a quick internet search, the tweets almost seemed like a joke, or a mistake, with all the big names involved. Josh is having a bit of a rough year so far, and is currently on the 15-day DL, but I have a feeling he'll even out before the end of the season. So, I'm glad the Cardinals won't run into him this weekend in LA.

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