eBay Wins #64

I won 90 auctions for individual 2013 Topps cards at a penny apiece. For some reason the seller sent me 92, so I'm going to count it as 92 for $.90 in my tracker. Now, let's see all 90!


Ok, how about just the Cardinals (current and former).

2013 Topps #24 Dan Haren
Come back, Dan.

2013 Topps #68 Colby Rasmus
You can stay in Canada, Colby.

2013 Topps #96 Edward Mujica
We picked up Mujica at the trading deadline, thanks to the emergence of David Freese, which allowed us to dump off a previously touted 3B prospect in Zack Cox. He was a pleasant surprise with a low ERA for the remainder of the year.

2013 Topps #54 Jaime Garcia
I'm hoping Jaime can come back strong this year...

2013 Topps #50 Adam Wainwright
...because once again, Adam Wainwright is going to be our ace. Chris Carpenter's continued injury moves everyone up a spot in the rotation, and Waino has been tabbed for Opening Day.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought2207
Total Spent$40.92
Per Card1.854 cents


  1. 90 auctions! how did that work out with shipping costs?

    1. They were listed as free shipping, so I assume the seller hoped someone would bid on a bunch of them and not cost him a stamp each. In the end though, even by sending a big bundle, I think he wound up behind, at least on the ones he sent me. Presumably some of the others might have gone for a little more and made up the difference for him on the whole.