Big Fun Game Delivery

Napkin Doon ran another great Big Fun Game, and yet again I was fortunate enough to get to play.  I drew the 2nd pick, and wound up with:
2010 Bowman Stephen Strasburg

A scoundrel stole it from me, however, resulting in a compensatory pick for:
A Well-loved 1958 Clemente

Then, a pirate stole my Pirate, and my 3rd pick yielded:
2011 Gypsy Queen Green Border inserts.

These are cool cards, including a Red Schoendienst to go with the mini Ryan G threw into a previous contest win.  However, one thing I simply cannot find is what these green border cards are officially called, or how rarely they were inserted.  I don't care what they're "worth" per se, I'm just genuinely curious now what to call these, as well as how rare they are.  Coincidentally, I also won some Gypsy Queen inserts in the last Big Fun Game.

Napkin also threw in this bonus:

1987 Sportflics mini team logo trivia card, #7 of 136

That's a hologram card with 2 Cardinals logos depending on the angle from which you're looking.  Ending sentences with prepositions is something up with which I will not put.

Thanks for the Big Fun Game, Mr. Doon.

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