A Trade with Cards on Cards, part 1

See how I resisted the title "Cards on cards from Cards on Cards"?

When Cards on Cards casually mentioned in his Heritage UPC post that he had a Heritage want and trade list, I knew this would be my opportunity to get rid of some doubles and knock out some of my needs.  I also saw he needed some 2010 Topps Update Turkey Reds, so the trade started to grow.  Here's part of what he sent me.

2011 Heritage needs

2010 Topps Turkey Reds I didn't have

3 Todd Stottlemyre cards:
1997 Topps Finest
1998 Pacific
1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice

2 Ozzie Smith cards:
1990 Collect-A-Books
1991 Cracker Jack (looks like 1991 Topps, but it has the Sailor Jack and Bingo logo on the back)

If you're still reading, you may notice I said this is part of what he sent me.  "Why is he splitting this trade into multiple posts?" you may ask yourself.  Mostly because I've become addicted to the Labels/Tags feature for documenting which sets appear in a post, but there's a limit of 200 characters per post.  Names like "1996 Upper Deck Collector's Choice" and even "Todd Stottlemyre" take up a lot of space.  The Trade Post is most certainly not dead at Tenets of Wilson, as you'll see over the next few posts.

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  1. Someone needs to bring back the Collect-A-Books, I swear!