A long-overdue thanks

RBI Collecting held a contest that ended June 3 (original post), and I won!  He got 3 Oakland A's autographs when they were in town, and we had to guess the signers.  I had a tongue-in-cheek "strategy", but it actually panned out.  I figured relievers get bored pre-game, so I chose 6 of them for my 2 entries.  I even mentioned in my entry that I should have considered the rotation and which starters would have also been free those days.  As it turns out the answer was 2 relievers and 1 starter, so I won.  The prize was my choice of 2 Gypsy Queen or 2 Heritage packs, and I chose Gypsy Queen.  Let's see what I got:

Pack 1:

Ike Davis (SP)
Mark Buehrle
James Shields
Lars Anderson
David Ortiz
Barry Larkin Mini Parallel

Not bad, but not as cool as Pack 2:

Lance Berkman
Reggie Jackson
Jimmie Foxx
Rogers Hornsby Home Run Heroes
Orlando Hudson Sticky Fingers
Yadier Molina Mini
And the Yadi is a Red-back mini

And, just for fun and because I'm a cards fan, he threw in these two:

I don't know what Red Schoendienst's reputation is nationwide, but he's a legend in St. Louis.  He's managed the Cards a few times, was a bench coach for years, and still stars in the best spring training commercial I've seen.

He even lent Matt Holliday some pants!  That's kind of weird!  I'm trying to complete the Opening Day set as well, so Carpenter was a nice bonus.

Thanks again for the great contest!

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