2008 Topps

I've been delaying posting because I bought a scanner at a garage sale, hoping to get some better images on my blog.  It was only $5 so I took a chance on it.  As far as I can tell it doesn't work, so you get camera shots for now.

I saw a few fellow bloggers post that Target's "Hot Packs" boxes had some 2009 and 2010 Heritage packs for $1.59, and I immediately became interested in finding some of these discounted cards.  I had to check out the 3 stores near my work and home (hooray for urban sprawl!).  I didn't find any Heritage, but I did find a total of 6 packs of 2008 Topps.

I ripped the packs and threw away the wrappers before I had a chance to take a proper blog picture, but I don't think this was the original way 2008 was packaged.  The packs were red and clear plastic, in 2 sections.  One section has 22 cards, and the other has a rather wide piece of pink bubblegum.  Due to the clear plastic, I could clearly see who was on the front and back of the 22 card stacks.  Not that it mattered, since I bought every pack I could.  There were no inserts, but that's OK, since I'm focused on the base set for now.

Mmm, 3 to 4 year old gum.  And yes, I've chewed 2 pieces, and my wife even had one, and we're still alive.

I also noticed the packs didn't even say "2008" anywhere on them, and I'm pretty sure I've seen similar packs for 2011 at a local grocery store.  After counting up the cards I have, I have a feeling they were split by series (though I didn't pay attention when I opened them), as I have exactly 44 numbered below 330 and 88 above.

So, now I have 132 2008 Topps cards.  There were 14 doubles, so that leaves 542/660 on my want list, and 14 on my trade list.

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