2011 Topps Heritage

The Dimwit put 5 Topps Heritage cards in one of his Five Card Fridays, and I bit.  Once I got those 5 cards in hand, I knew I wanted to collect the set.

The theme was "AL Central".  Hope it's cool I borrowed your scan, Dimwit.
The set it honors still predates my life by 20 years, so it's not nostalgia per se, but I really like the non-glossy cards for a change sometimes.  In fact, I just checked my collection and I have a grand total of 2 cards older than 1962.

This will be a somewhat expensive set to collect relative to its popularity.  As far as I can tell the cheapest per-card price is the $20 Target and Walmart blaster boxes of 8 packs.  It'll take 6 of those to at least get 425 base cards to make 1 for 1 trades.  Of course, once I get a few inserts and SPs I'll probably want to complete some of those sets too.

I've purchased one blaster box, but I think I'll rate-limit myself by only opening a pack or two a week, and sharing the results on my blog.

Base 5/425
SP 0/75

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