2011 Topps Heritage - Blaster Box

7 packs, plus one extra pack?! How exciting!

Why don't they just say 8 packs? Anyone know?

 I could break this up into 8 blog posts, but frankly, no one wants that, not even me. Here's the whole box in one giant post.  I really need to get hold of a good scanner, so for now I'll spare you any sub-par scans. Note that this was purchased at Target, so I payed the 1 cent premium.  Let's hope it pays off.

Pack 1:
52. NL Batting Leaders
159. Joba Chamberlain (the Hut!)
193. Miguel Tejada
209. Andrew Romine
243. A.J. Burnett
359. Carlos Zambrano
403. Jonathan Papelbon
412. Colby Rasmus (When he hits homeruns the commentators love referring to is as a Colby Jack.  Does that cheese exist anywhere but St Louis?)
Chrome Refractor: C91 Dan Haren #140/562 - He's a former Cardinal, I'm waffling on whether it's up for trade.

Pack 2:
43. LA Dodgers
128. Joel Pineiro (former Cardinal and reason for dozens of local Joels to go by Jo-el)
153. Marco Scutaro
160. Garrett Jones
172. Dusty Baker (I like manager cards, I don't know why)
248. Chris Johnson
268. Ervin Santana
325. Alexi Ramirez
SP: 461 Russ Mitchell

Pack 3:
1. Josh Hamilton
3. David Ortiz
69. Cory Luebke
241. Josh Johnson
293. Jonathon Niese
314. Miguel Cabrera
330. Mike Napoli
346. Felix Hernandez
Chrome: C97 Ryan Doumit #0182/1962 - Definitely up for trade

Pack 4:
84. Denard Span
95. Ryan Zimmerman
182. Cody Ross
239. Brandon Beachy
272. Delmon Young
274. Will Venable
348. Eric Sogard
358. Andre Ethier
Green Parallel: 124 Brian Duensing - Up for trade

Pack 5:
7. Carlos Beltran
54. NL Home Run Leaders (with a nice Pujols scowl)
76. Freddie Freeman
118. Skip Schumaker (The reason you don't put an OF at 2B)
225. Adrian Beltre
322. Bruce Bochy
339. J.J. Hardy
405. Gio Gonzalez
SP: 444. Rafael Furcal

1 hit per pack so far, if you count SPs, which I do, cause it's my blog and I wanna.

Pack 6:
30. Chipper Jones (oh how I remember taunting him with Larrrrr-ryyyyyyyyyy)
108. Matt Kemp
194. Jordan Walden
208. Rickie Weeks
232. 2010 World Series Game #1
247. Jonathan Lucroy
269. Lance Berkman (in a Cardinals uniform no less)
300. Carl Crawford
SP: 450. Johnny Cueto (Karate Man)

Pack 7:
93. Nick Swisher (of "How I Met Your Mother" fame)
96. Jered Weaver (of causing his-own-brother-to-be-released fame)
115. Alfonso Soriano (the reason you don't put a 2B in the OF)
167. Wilson Ramos
187. Jon Lester
242. Manny Acta
298. Jason Kubel
351. Twin Terrors (Morneau-Mauer)
399. Roy Halladay
and a tenth, unnumbered card, labeled Checklist 6 of 6.  I'm having a hard time finding information about these, but I'm guessing there's, oh, I don't know, 6 or so.  It is interesting that it was the 10th card of the 9-card pack though.  I don't think I'll trade it just yet.

Pack 8:
64. Nick Markakis
68. Travis Snider
116. Gavin Floyd
120. Bronson Arroyo
131. Brett Sinkbeil
145. Dallas Braden
170. Aramis Ramirez
365. Howie Kendrick
News Flashbacks - NF-8: New York Mets join National League - up for trade.

Well there you have it.  One hit per pack if you count generously.  No relics, but that's ok, I think I'd rather have the 2 base cards right now, unless it's a Cardinal.  I'll make sure my Want list and Trade list are updated accordingly.  Make me some offers.  Please?

2011 Topps Heritage Tracker:
Base 70/425
SP 3/75

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