eBay Wins #200

I'm not usually big on celebrating numbers just because they're round, so #200 will just be the next group of cards in my queue. In this case, it's a single 1982 Fleer.

1982 Fleer #266 Al Cowens
So maybe there's something a little special about this card. It's autographed. Is that Al Cowens' autograph? Could be, I guess, though I have no real evidence of that. I'm not sure if I ordered this as a random card, or the card was specifically listed. Thus, if it was singly listed, I don't know if it specified whether it was autographed. I really need to catch up on my eBay posts so I can remember stuff like that

I didn't notice the autograph until I went to scan, because it's even more faint on the card than it looks here. Real or not, I can't really feel bad about a penny card.

eBay Bargain Tracker
Total Cards Bought3390
Total Spent$52.37
Per Card1.545 cents
Change0 cents

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