Birthday Cards

Today is not my birthday. Nor was it within the last month. For privacy reasons I never like to say exactly when stuff like that is, but suffice it to say my lack of organization of my "to post" cards has gotten out of control, and I spotted a pack I got quite awhile ago, for my birthday. Enough self-flagellation, let's see some cards!

2016 Bowman Platinum
#14 Evan Longoria
#43 Zack Greinke
#65 Nomar Mazara
#83 Salvador Perez
#89 J.D. Martinez
Bowman's Next Generation #NG-20 Sean Manaea
As you can see, I got a pack of 2016 Bowman Platinum. An excellent choice, somewhat counter-intuitively, because I don't usually buy the more expensive sets. That means it's practically guaranteed to be all new cards to me.

2016 Bowman Platinum
#TP-DP David Paulino
#TP-JR Jomar Reyes
#TP-LW Luke Weaver
#TP-MD Mauricio Dubon
#TP-SG Stone Garrett
Bowman's Next Generation Prospects #NGP-17 Tyler Jay
The gift-giver is a Cardinals fan, but doesn't know a lot of players on other teams, and so was excited to see the Luke Weaver card. That's probably my favorite too, but as with any relatively new Bowman product, maybe some of the prospects will turn into huge stars.

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