Zistle Trade #29, Part I

Will I post all my Zistle trades before they shut down? Maybe!

1983 Fleer Main Set #3 Steve Braun
1983 Fleer Main Set #19 Mike Ramsey
1989 Bowman Main Set #435 Tony Pena
1990 Donruss #676 Cal Ripken, Jr.
1990 Fleer Main Set #276 Rich Gedman
1991 Topps Main Set #58 Mel Stottlemyre Jr.
This trade had a bunch of Cardinals, along with the Ripken All-Star card, one of the very few from 1990 Donruss I didn't have yet. I also knocked another Stottlemyre off my list, Mel, Jr., son of Mel and brother of Todd. And there were just enough players in this trade I had to split this one into two posts.

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